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Welcome to Mr. Williams World

This site is for students in my U.S. and World History classes at Pompano Beach High School. On this site you will find links to interactive websites and class activities, as well as a class calendar to keep up with daily activities and assignments. On the right hand side of the page are important links to websites you will use while in the class, the most important being Edmodo.

My class is a SPOC. What is a SPOC? (Below is an excerpt from the Financial Times Lexicon page, describing what a SPOC is. You can click HERE to view the original page.

Small private online courses (Spocs) are a competing model to the Mooc (massive open online course). Despite much excitement about how Moocs might transform the education system, they have so far not been able to show how they will fund themselves. In addition, the “open” nature of the Mooc courses encourages large numbers of participants with very varied abilities because anyone with an internet connection can participate. This raises problems with assessment and therefore how much a Mooc can be worth on someone’s curriculum vitae as they go on to jobs or further study. ¬†Spocs offer some solution in that students are selected, which limits numbers of participants, and ensures they satisfy some entry requirements for the course. Spocs allow educational establishments to use them in a “blended learning” approach that combines classroom teaching with online learning.

As you can see, my goal is to bring my class to you whenever it is convenient for you and when you are in the mood to learn. Most of the lectures will be listened to at home, with in-class activities including enrichment in including primary source analysis, political cartoon analysis, and small-group and one-on-one tutoring. Use the Contact page to email me any time.

Enjoy your stay in Mr. Williams World!