• United States History

    Welcome to Mr Williams US History. What IS an American? This course will help you to understand where we, as Americans, came from; how we have arrived to where we are; and where we can (hopefully for the better) lead this great nation of ours. In this class, you will learn why it is so special that not all Americans are the same. This diversity has made us the most powerful nation in the world in less than 150 years, however, it is not always easy living in a society where there is so much diversity. Together, we will discover why being an “American” is a privilege and a responsibility that we cannot take for granted.
  • Global Studies

    Welcome to Global Studies! The grade 9-12 Global Studies course consists of the following content area strands: American History, World History, Geography, Humanities, Economics, and Civics and Government. The primary content emphasis for this course pertains to the study of the commonalties and differences among the peoples and cultures of the world and the complex nature of individual, group and national interactions in today's world. Content should include, but is not limited to, global interdependence and challenges, culture, international systems and policies, pluralism, transnationalism, and cultural diffusion, global economics, and human-environment interactions.